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A mentor is a guide especially in the field of education or any other field that requires the setting of goals and meeting them. In other cases, a mentor can be considered as a private teacher and another guardian in someone’s journey of education. It is therefore right for you to read this article to help you acquire the primary knowledge of getting a good mentor for you. Every good mentor should have remarkable values. A good mentor should have remarkable values from which you can use as your role model to help you model your values.

You must choose a mentor with quality communication skills that will be easy for you to communicate to him/her and vice versa. You should be able to read all the communication skills used by the mentor you want to choose when he/she communicates with other people as it is easy for you to learn more about the communication of the person even before you interact with him/her.

The interest of the mentor to help you is very significant as such a mentor will be very grateful to help you and it will be his/her joy to see you succeed. It is good to choose a friendly mentor the one who has passion for helping others. People with helping hearts are the perfect selection as mentors since he/she will be able to assist you as that spirit is inside him/her.

You need to v-consider your heart desires when choosing a mentor as the heart will never mislead you and your instincts also will always be your inner guide and when you develop a negative feeling towards somebody, such a person is not the right person to attach yourself with and you should choose the one that your instincts want. It is good for you to have a mentor who is in the same field you are interested in as such a mentor has a lot of experience in that field which he/she will find it easier transmitting to you as a new person in the same field. Most people willing to help you will do so well in the field they are familiar and comfortable with as they are great resource persons in times of challenges.

The last thing you should consider is the personality of the mentor you want. Personality is inbuilt and it could be very hard to work with someone whose personality irritates you and this, therefore, requires you to avoid creating mentorship attachments to persons whose personalities are different from yours. If you are an introvert, it is right for you to choose an introverted mentor since you will easily understand each other.

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